Are less than two months enough to Crack CGL? (जानने के लिए क्लिक करें )

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Guys Today I tell you 

Are less than two Month Enough to Crack CGL 2017? 

Every Aspirants know that CGL 2017 become probable on August month last week . I am not sure that SSC conduct Exact Time Because He Says that SSC MTS exam will be in August Month. So this talk concluded here.And Come to Topic

क्या २ महीने से कम समय मैं सीजीएल क्रैक हो सकता है 

I Say Yes

In this Post I share you  subtle tricks and tacits  which you applied in life style . And would be succeed in exam.   Sure if you are confident andworking hard you will get success. And don't make thinking like you are going to clear 1st tier than second than 3rd. please avoid it. Just focus that you are going to clear all tier and getting job.

 You devote 6-8 hrs daily. Even if you take 2 days to finish a particular topic e.g profit and loss.
 You are well set to finish 3 topics in a week. 

In 30 days you can finish maths section. Give 30 days to English. 
Attempt Quantitative Aptitude paper every Day. i.e 8 papers total in week

Remember- You will have to compensate for less marks in GK by doing well in maths in tier 1.

After gaining knowledge of the concept, the second most important step is Practicing. For that just solve previous year question papers as many as you can till the prelim exam.

Don't distract from technology or any other activity.
Fix a time for whtsapp and Facebook or calling to your friend.

Turn off your net while doing study and stay away from mobile and laptop. 

Don't be a slave of Technology.

In Final words

Sometimes 4 hours of self study at home will better that 2 hour of class because when you take class in coaching of two hours actually your 6-7 hours will consumed. So if you are taking any coaching try to make best use of it and some times you will be demotivated and bored with studies and some negative thoughts appears on your mind so you can take any coaching or mock test to be regular and keep in touch with other students.
 Again I say Do not waste your time
So Best of luck